WCF Beginners Series

I’ve been issued a task to run a series of presentations for the Microsoft arm of the software development service line of my consulting firm. Focusing on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for the .NET framework.


This blog will assist in breaking down some of the topics into simple easily referenceable chunks, including links to other relevant articles/blogs/samples online. They will begin of with the very basics ([Service|Data]Contracts/Bindings/Endpoints/Configuration/Hosting), acting as a tutorial to get started then expanding into more advanced topics (Transactions/Security/etc). So stay tuned for those.

The plan once the initial WCF series of posts is complete, to expand further in to other .NET 3.5 streams including WPF and WF. The goal is to deliver real world examples and not purely conceptual discussions. Possibly further depending on how productive I can be.

Look out for the next post “Why WCF“.

Published by Nick Josevski

Software Engineer at Octopus Deploy

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