Being a Good Host 2 – Grouping Multiple Services

Previously I gave a simple overview of hosting a single services in a form. If you’re developing a larger system and you have broken down business across several services, for reasons ranging from code management, to partitioning development tasks across teams, to reducing the compile time for a visual studio solution. You’re likely to wantContinue reading “Being a Good Host 2 – Grouping Multiple Services”

WPF Community Workshop

I attended a WPF Community Workshop yesterday (Sat 27/Mar/09). It was organised by The Australian Computer Society with help from some Readify guys; Mahesh Krishnan and David Burela. Our attendance fee was generously donated to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal. The day was targeted at people new to WPF. Which I knew going inContinue reading “WPF Community Workshop”

To go way off topic. COBOL.

Inspired by a recent StackOverflow question about reading a file line by line in various languages. I quickly (evidently not quickly enough) dug up some 3rd year Uni labs on COBOL and tried to clean it up into a basic file reader. The post was closed up and made into a community wiki, while IContinue reading “To go way off topic. COBOL.”

Talking Without Speaking, Hearing Without Listening.

In this blog I publish information and ideally have people that subscribe to it. For the blog I use the WordPress hosting site (service) you may use an RSS aggregator to subscribe (client). In a business application you can achieve this same concept easily with WCF. In this post I will run through an exampleContinue reading “Talking Without Speaking, Hearing Without Listening.”

This MessageHeader will self destruct in 5 seconds

Let’s get our hands dirty with an example you can follow along with. With the basic concepts covered we can whip up something to send some data back and forth. We will start with a simple winform to run our service. Another winform (acting as the client application) to connect to it so our serviceContinue reading “This MessageHeader will self destruct in 5 seconds”

Putting all the basics together

Before we get stuck into a full scale example, I’ve prepared a simple checklist of tasks required to get a basic service up and running. Refer to this checklist to get your first WCF solutions up and running quickly. Service & (Host) Service Contract IMyServiceContract Implementation of that Contract Service Proxy Implementing ServiceContract & ClientBase<IMyServiceContract>Continue reading “Putting all the basics together”

Being a Good Host

Hosting a WCF application is quite simple. There are 3 available hosting options IIS (Internet Information Services), WAS (Windows Activation Service) under Vista/Server 2008 and an ordinary (windows form/console) application. The quickest to getting your project up and running is a windows form (or console) app. This way you can begin development quickly. Then forContinue reading “Being a Good Host”

The WCF Run-Down

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a framework for building service-oriented applications. Using WCF, you can send data as asynchronous messages from one service endpoint to another. Great… Lets try it out… So how do you go about getting something up and running? We have to start somewhere… so let’s start by covering some of theContinue reading “The WCF Run-Down”