Being a Good Host

Hosting a WCF application is quite simple. There are 3 available hosting options IIS (Internet Information Services), WAS (Windows Activation Service) under Vista/Server 2008 and an ordinary (windows form/console) application.

The quickest to getting your project up and running is a windows form (or console) app. This way you can begin development quickly.

static class Program
   static void Main()
      Application.Run(new FormWcfHost());

Then for the windows form:

public partial class FormWcfHost : Form
   private ServiceHost<MyService> serviceManager 
      = new ServiceHost<MyService>();

   public FormWcfHost()
   private void FormWcfHost_FormClosed(object sender, 
       FormClosedEventArgs e)

It’s that simple.

The production level hosting decissions are just slightly more involved. Basically if you have an installation of Windows 2008 Server available then it’s ideal to make use of WAS to host it. Otherwise the choice can be argued between IIS6 hosting or just running it as a standard windows service on a Windows 2003 depolyment.

The advantages that WAS offers are; application pooling, isolation, identity management. So is the more scalable choice.

One thought on “Being a Good Host

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