WPF Community Workshop

I attended a WPF Community Workshop yesterday (Sat 27/Mar/09). It was organised by The Australian Computer Society with help from some Readify guys; Mahesh Krishnan and David Burela. Our attendance fee was generously donated to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

The day was targeted at people new to WPF. Which I knew going in but I still enjoy going over basic concepts, always learn a few extra little things (or at least get reminded of them). I would like to see more in depth workshops run, I’ll provide this feedback to the organisers.

As it turns out we were a test group for a set of lab activities titled “WPF Reactor”, I say this because the lab source code was out of sync with the lab instructions. Meaning it wasn’t subjected to any extensive Quality Assurance process before being burnt to little 2 disc foldout packages. With problems ranging from; lab task ordering issues (preceding labs had complete code for subsequent labs) to misleading (non-detailed or even erroneous) instructions. None the less it’s still a learning experience.

I managed to locate a download link for the lab material online (~410mb) on GainSecure.net full download here, lite download here. Those who have physical access to me, can get one of a few copies of the discs off me, not sure if it would be wise for me to upload 400mb to wordpress.

Some of the things to check out are:
– As an absolute must see of cool WPF tricks – Kevin’s WPF Bag-O-Tricks (a full VS solution of demos).
– The WPF toolkit on CodePlex.
– David Burela’s “WPF links for beginners” post – contains lots of links.
– A WPF/Silverlight tutorial site – NibblesTutorials.net.
– Expression Blend 3 Beta preview download – with a notable TFS integration amongst all the other enhancements.

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