Package-up a SketchFlow Project

A key objective of using SketchFlow in the prototyping phase is to gather feedback from key users. So once you have your prototype to a state where you would like users to start exploring it, you can package up the project.

File Menu Select Package SketchFlow
File Menu Select Package SketchFlow

Then select a name and location:

Package Name and Location
Package Name and Location

This exports a compiled Silverlight application file (a XAP).

Making use of the PowerShell script I created in my previous post it will extract the HTML and XAP file from the package folder and zip them up.

It is then ready to send off to eager users, who simply open the html file in their browser of choice (with Silverlight installed).

Note 1: In more sophisticated or larger SketchFlow projects the process of only extracting out the XAP file may remove functionality within the prototype so it is highly advised that you test each screen in your prototype.

Note 2: If you’re pedantic about details, the HTML page can be renamed to be more detailed about the project instead of it’s project filename.

    <title>My Prototype 1 - Design Phase</title>

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