How much memory are you currently using?

Following on from my previous post about a demo PLINQ application, I had some small discoveries about memory usage and wanted to blog them. As I was loading large chunks of data into memory and started monitoring my little demo applications RAM footprint, I discovered that even tho the garbage collection system had already cleanedContinue reading “How much memory are you currently using?”

Playing with PLINQ Performance using the StackOverflow Data Dump

Not having made use of PLINQ in an actual product yet, I decided to have a play with how it works, and to try and obtain my own small metrics on it’s performance benefits. PLINQ is part of a larger push from the .NET teams at Microsoft to get concurrent/parallel processing out of the boxContinue reading “Playing with PLINQ Performance using the StackOverflow Data Dump”

Quarterly Technology Briefing, Melbourne Q3 2009

This morning I attended the Thoughtworks Melbourne Quarterly Technology Briefing event at the Westin. It was an interesting sessions with 2 key speakers. The format was basically 2 by approx 40 minute presentations, each presenter giving their take on a single topic of ‘Agile Governance’ and how adoption of it improved their respective organisations; toContinue reading “Quarterly Technology Briefing, Melbourne Q3 2009”

LINQ Basics (Part 2) – LINQ to SQL in .NET 4.0

Continuing my 2 part series on LINQ Basics, here I will attempt to discuss a few improvements in LINQ to SQL as part of the .NET 4.0 release scheduled soon. A key post on the 4.0 changes is by Damien Guard who works on LINQ at Microsoft along with other products. This will allow meContinue reading “LINQ Basics (Part 2) – LINQ to SQL in .NET 4.0”