SDDN October: Silverlight with RIA and using MVVM

I just got home from the attending the October Silverlight Designer and Designer Network (SDDN) meeting. It was a trillogy presentation from the Readify guys, Jordan Knight, David Burela and Philip Beadle. Who respectively presented on: Connecting Silverlight to RIA, Binding data to Bing Maps and A testable Silverlight architecture and development approach walk-through ThereContinue reading “SDDN October: Silverlight with RIA and using MVVM”

Exceptions in (my) LINQ (presentation)

Last night I presented to the Melbourne Patterns & Practices group, thanks to my audience for paying attention, having great input and asking interesting questions. I would like to clarify some things I glossed over in the powerpoint slides, and explain why some of the simple extension methods didn’t execute in the live code demos.Continue reading “Exceptions in (my) LINQ (presentation)”