Victoria.NET January 2010 Session

I just got home from a slightly longer than usual Melbourne Vic.NET session, it was a very intense night, so intense I’ve got a second post lined up just to cover the second presentation. But first there were a few announcements:

  • David Burela reminded us of the April Cloud Camp.
  • Mahesh reminded us of the Silverlight Code Camp weekend end of January. I’m confirmed to be attending this.
  • Also that the User Group is looking for company sponsorship, as the current budget is shrinking

The two topics of the evening were:

  1. An overview and walk-through of some of the features in ASP.NET MVC 2, presented by Malcolm Sheridan and
  2. Command Query Responsibility Segregation, presented by Udi Dahan that I discuss in greater detail here [link coming soon].

The ASP.NET MVC 2 talk was a quick walk through with tips:
The take-away notes were:

  • Areas are useful in particular the ability to have them in a separate project (though that’s currently not functional in the RC). MSDN Link.
  • When using areas be careful on how your routes are impacted
  • Improved validation and custom validation options, through the use of ValidationAttribute interface
  • Validation re-use, in conjunction with Dynamic Data.
  • Other miscellanous improvements, such as shorter AcceptVerbs; Get/Post.

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