A Quick Visit to the Clouds

These evening (23 Feb 2010) I attended a Melbourne .NET session presented by David Lemphers who’s the Senior Program Manager on the Windows Azure team. David presented an introductory level discussion how Azure works; we were run through the basics of setting up a hello world application. Running it locally on a simulated cloud, sideContinue reading “A Quick Visit to the Clouds”

SoSlow Data Import for StackOverflow Data-Dump

Just as a quick update post on my on going series of posts on using PLINQ on Stack Overflow data-dump. In my initial post where the core of what I was doing was outlined, at the time the popular (and quickly found) option was to use a series of stored procedures made available by BrentContinue reading “SoSlow Data Import for StackOverflow Data-Dump”

PLINQ on the StackOverflow Data-Dump Series

I have an ongoing long standing side project of applying PLINQ performance tests on the Stack Overflow data-dump. Here’s just an up to date list of those blog posts: Playing with PLINQ Performance using the StackOverflow Data Dump Exceptions in (my) LINQ (presentation) Overclocking PLINQ SoSlow Data Import for StackOverflow Data-Dump Update: The source codeContinue reading “PLINQ on the StackOverflow Data-Dump Series”

Melbourne Silverlight Code Camp Thoughts

Over the weekend I attended the Silverlight Code Camp held at the NAB training facilities in Docklands, Melbourne. It was fantastic that a bank showed an interest in a developer event, in particular Silverlight. The NAB has a flagship product built in Silverlight with future software projects planned. NAB are on the lookout for developersContinue reading “Melbourne Silverlight Code Camp Thoughts”