That’s Me!bourne .NET User Groups

A small list of Melbourne, Australia .NET and related User Groups.

Microsoft .NET

I had a very busy week just past with various User Groups, I thought it would be handy for myself and possibly others to make a list, this by no means is an exclusive list, and I hope to expand it with others as I discover them.

It’s great to catch up with fellow developers, to share what you’re currently working on in your day job, what you’re working on at home, or even what those potential “when I get some time” ideas. With all of us sharing our development frustrations on twitter when we get stuck, it’s great to meet those who offer those helpful suggestions and even those who poke fun at the problem to lighten up your day it’s great to meet and catch up in person.

If you’re not already attending a user group, I strongly advise you to make some time at least every few months to attend and interact with like-minded developers.

My apologies upfront if I have missed any that should be on here, let me know (leave a comment, @twitter me) and I’ll update.

The Obvious
These groups have been around for a while and are well known.

bpVictoria.NET – Various .NET presentations. On average every 6-10 weeks, key contact: @MaheshKrishnan meetings at Microsoft offices in Freshwater place.

bpSilverlight Designer Developer Network (SDDN) – Silverlight, UX, and Design. On average every 6-8 weeks, key contact: @Jakkaj meetings at Microsoft offices in Freshwater place.

bpSQL PASS – Microsoft SQL Server related topics. On average every 4 – 5 weeks, key contact email point: info at sqldownunder dot com.

The Up and Coming
Seed growing in hand
These groups are relatively new, and may not yet be well known.

bpxRM – Microsoft CRM related, newly started, key contact: @Ceibner, this is a new group, I haven’t had the pleasure myself to attend yet.

bpDoing .NET Days, this is also a new group having their second meeting in March ’10, the kick off focus revolves around the nServiceBus. This is a weekend event on Saturdays in Melbourne’s West. Key contact: @SimonSegal.

bpDev Evening, again another recently formed group, which I plan to attend. They are run in Richmond during weekday evenings. On average every 4 – 6 weeks, key contact @alexjmackey.

bpMelbourne ALT.NET, starting on 28th April 2010, held on the last Wednesday of the month, key contact @abienert (see my event summary post for more details).

The Not So Obivous
Ace up your sleeve
These groups are not focussed on .NET, but sometimes cover .NET topics.

bpMelbourne Patterns & Practices Group; Discussion about general software design practices, and their practical application in software development, key contact: @ChrisBushellOz.

bpMelbourne X User Group; very wide ranging software and technology topics.

Side Note: “That’s Me!lbourne” is a (as of 2009-2010) promotional branding for The City of Melbourne.

Update: For an extensive list of a lot of Melbourne, software/tech related user group meetings check out Geoff Burns’ blog where he has a google calendar widget, this is very useful.

One thought on “That’s Me!bourne .NET User Groups

  1. Thanks Nick for the link and thanks for the list of user groups.

    There were a couple of groups on the list that I was not aware of.

    There is a lot going on in Melbourne at the moment with as many as seven different completing ICT related events on some nights.

    As well as groups focused on programming. Software developers should check out related groups such as those focused on
    * User experience
    * Architecture and design
    * Gathering requirements and business analysis
    * Team organization and process of software development
    * Founding a start up or getting investment
    * Software Testing
    * Getting a job in the business

    There groups in Melbourne for these topics and more

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