PLINQ “Grok Talk” at Developer Developer Developer Melbourne

I did a very quick and choc-full of ramblings talk summarising Parallel LINQ (PLINQ) at the weekends Developer Developer Developer Melbourne.

First up, DDD Melbourne was great, thanks to all the sponsors (NAB, Readify, DevExpress, Pluralsight, JetBrains, Redgate), the presenters and key organisers Alex, Mahesh and others.

The message I wanted to get across was have a look at the Parallel Extensions in the Task Parallel Library of .NET, it can help speed up a few longer running tasks that might exist in your application and that it’s easy. Check out the parallel extension teams MSDN blog for the latest stuff.

The intent of this quick post is to clarify what I was rambling on about, and to offer some links to old posts, my PowerPoint slides that would have made my talk go a little smoother.

*Note: This is in fact demo-ware just to perform PLINQ benchmarks.

Published by Nick Josevski

Software Engineer at Octopus Deploy

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