OData, AtomPub and JSON

Continuing my mini-series of looking into OData I thought I would cover off the basic structure of AtomPub and JSON. They are both formats that OData can deliver the requested resources (a collection of entities; e.g. products or customers).

For the most part there isn’t much difference in terms of data volume returned by AtomPub vs JSON, tho AtomPub being XML, is slightly more verbose (tags and closing tags) and referencing namespaces via xmlns. A plus for AtomPub for your OData service is ability to define the datatype as you’ll see below via m:type the example being an integer Edm.Int32. Whereas the lack of such features is a plus in a different way for JSON – it’s simpler, and a language such as JavaScript interprets the values of basic types (string, int, bool, array, etc).

I’m not attempting to promote one over the other, just saying that each can serve a purpose. If you’re after posts that discuss this is a more critical fashion, have a look at this post by Joe Gregorio.

What I do aim to show is that comparing the two side by side there’s only a slight difference, and based on what you’re intending to accomplish with processing said data the choice for format is up to you. If you’re just re-purposing some data on a web interface JSON would be a suitable choice. If you’re processing the data within another service first, making use of XDocument (C#.NET) would seem suitable.

There’s also a concept of ‘Deferred Content’ for both formats and it is achieved in a similar way through links. The objective being to conserve resources in processing and transmission by not transmitting the entire element tree on a request. In the comparisons below where there is a link to another URI that is content that has not been returned, the most obvious example is image data i.e. links to jpeg resrouces. OData has a URI command option called $expand that can force the inline return of the element data (this concept is called eager-loading). Have a look at my introductory post about the OData query options.

NOTE: In the examples that follow the returned result data is from the NetFlix OData service, I have stripped out some of the xmlns, and shortened/modified the urls in particular omitting http:// just so it fits better (less line wrapping).

So let us compare…

Yes that stuff that’s makes up web feeds.

Example from the NetFlix OData feed access via URL http://odata.netflix.com/Catalog/Titles

Atom Feed

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" standalone="yes"?>
<feed allThatOtherNameSpaceStuff="">
  <title type="text">Titles</title>
  <entry m:etag="abced">
    <title type="text">FullMovieTitle</title>
    <summary type="html">Your everyday regular movie</summary>
    <allTheOtherTags type="text">...</allTheOtherTags>
    <m:properties xmlns:m="severalNameSpaces">
      <d:Synopsis>Your everyday regular movie</d:Synopsis>
      <d:Runtime m:type="Edm.Int32">3600</d:Runtime>
      <d:BoxArt m:type="NetflixModel.BoxArt">

Yes that simple text used in JavaScript.

Example from the NetFlix OData feed access via URL http://odata.netflix.com/Catalog/Titles?$format=JSON

Javascript Object Notation

  "d" : 
    "results": [ { 
      "__metadata": { 
        "uri": "o.ntf.lx/Ctlog/Titles('movieName')", 
        "etag": "abcdef", 
        "type": "NetflixModel.Title", 
        "edit_media": "o.ntf.lx/Ctlog/Titles('mvName')/$value", 
        "media_src": "c.dn/boxshots/large/mnbx.jpg", 
        "content_type": "image/jpeg", 
      "Id": "movieName", 
      "Synopsis": "Your everyday regular movie"
      "Runtime": 3600
      "BoxArt": { 
        "__metadata": { 
            "type": "NetflixModel.BoxArt" }, 
            "SmallUrl": "http://c.dn/boxshots/m1bx.jpg"
    } ]

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