Tech Ed 2010 Australia

Today I arrived on the Gold Coast for the Australian 2010 Microsoft Tech Ed, it is being held at the Gold Cost Convention and Exhibition Centre.

I plan to do a day-by-day summary of the sessions / labs I attend. This afternoon is the Key Note, I’ll update this post with a summary. I plan to tweet anything interesting along with pictures and upload them to my conference flickr account (as soon as I remember my account details to sign into it).

Find me tweeting via @NickJosevski.

The flight in was fine, the taxi situation not so much.

I arrived mid-afternoon at my hotel and have a nice view from the 10th floor.

View From Crowne Towers

Key Note

The Keynote kicked off with Michael Kordahi introducing us to the focus of the key note, cloud and actual implementation.
Michael handed off to August de los Reyes who works at Microsoft HQ in Seatle, and has been responsible for some key strategic design decisions at Microsoft, including the Windows Key on ALL keyboards, and more important things like Surface and Windows (what August had to say was great, and is a fantastic speaker).

Some key take-aways from what August had to say (I’ll try and expand on this section later):

  • Extrapolate from CLI (command line interface) and GUI (graphical user interface) to determine what NUI (natural user interface) needs to be.
  • What comes next after NUI?
  • The Microsoft Surface and NUI is so much more than “touch on a table”.
  • “The differences are the same.”

After this breath of fresh air unfortunately* for some of us it returned to the selling of the 3 screens and a cloud many screens and the cloud sales pitch for Foxtel. Having attended ReMIX earlier this year in Melbourne there was nothing new year, and in fact the presentation tho more practiced and polished was rushed and real in depth discussion was lacking. The Foxtel experience was about the Surface, tablet devices and Windows Phone 7. I would have liked to have seen something more advanced with the Foxtel idea, a bit of discussion about the implementation behind the scenes, it was just a little too “fluffy” for me. I may have unrealistic expectations, coming from in depth but much longer Key Notes from Microsoft on events like PDC and MIX.

*Only unfortunate if you’re attending many of these Microsoft events.

The next part of the Keynote focussed on what’s coming up with windows phone 7, in particular games and xbox live interaction.Dave Glover presented a few new applications, A Tower Defense game, Deck of Secrets, and Telstra One/Life (need to confirm the names). This allowed for a segue to let us know that Kinect will be on sale world wide in November. We got a walk through of the body and object detection system with an on-screen display.

“Be Awesome.” — end of Keynote.

The welcome event was just dinner and the exhibitor booths. There was also some quick 30 min intro sessions that ran between 6:30 and 7:30 that suffered from the show floor noise, but were still great to be running.

The rest of the days:
Day Two (Wednesday)
Day Three (Thursday)
Day Four (Friday)

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