Playing with AppHarbor, Twitter and WebAPI.


This sample application is very contrived, and came out of a throw away twitter account creation joke.

what started it

Landing Page:

Usage Info:

Service Features

  1. Submit a Guid, have it reserved
  2. Will inform you if it’s taken, or ok.
  3. Tweets

Tech Details / Steps

  • File, New, Web Api Project
  • ASP.NET 4.5 Web Api Controller
  • PM> Install-Package TweetSharp (nuget link, github link)
  • Git push to remote repo on BitBucket
  • AppHarbor link to BitBucket account (this was great, very easy)
  • Select an app name

Api Controller Logic

    public class UsedGuidController : ApiController
        public HttpResponseMessage Post(UsedGuidInputModel ug)
            //check for duplicates,
            //twitter authenticate, tweet
            //save guid
            //return new HttpResponseMessage(what_happened)


It’s up and running, we’ll see how stable it is. In this case the code is very sloppy, the focus was to get this concept up and running, so I decided to host it on BitBucket where I have private repositories on a free account.

The AppHarbor experience was great, no fuss to get it up and running, via the authorise AppHarbor app action when I was taken to BitBucket. Even setting up a back end store was very easy.

app harbor ui

The hardest part was working out how to deal with the Twitter API, and that was only tricky because I was in a hurry to just get it working, without reading enough documentation.

It’s unlikely I’ll make time to tidy up that code so it can be of any reasonable use to anyone, there’s too many hack points to get it operational, in particular around twitter API keys, for the application that performs the posting, and the user linked to the account. Not to mention hard coded connection strings with passwords in them. Quite a long list of what-not-to-do.

I did like that the wizard does warn you of such bad behaviour. There’s some insight into the storage model on the back end 😉


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Software Engineer at Octopus Deploy

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