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Hello my name is Nick Josevski, I am a Melbourne based Software Engineer working on Web Applications at Picnic Software. Before joining Picnic I enjoyed 4 years as an Oakton consultant developing a wide variety of software in the Microsoft.NET space.

I am a very active member in the Melbourne.NET software engineering community. Join me at my regular user groups: Victoria.NET, Melb.JS and ALT.NET. In my free time I’ve even climbed a 370 meter tall rock fortress in Sri Lanka.

This blog is an attempt to document technical knowledge I acquire, through deliberate attempts to blog on a topic, or problems solved through my day job. I often blog summaries on usergroup meetings and other software development events. Please note any opinions expressed here are my own and do not reflect my current employer.

Here are three things from my uni days (just to keep their links alive); my thesis paper publications.

Find me on …
Twitter - Fastest way to reach me!Linked InFacebookDr *underscore* Nick *underscore* J *at* hotmail *dot* comFlickr
Oh and Google+

I am located in Melbourne, Australia. Time zone: UTC+10:00.

View of the Melbourne CBD (links to a different one on Flickr


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