Moving from WebAPI to ServiceStack

Having used WebAPI in conjunction with a hybrid WebAPI and ASP.NET MVC app quite recently, it does a good job, but once you start to get deeper in a more complex application some weaknesses start to show. A trivial example is mapping exceptions to HttpStatus codes, this is something you get easily with ServiceStack. TheContinue reading “Moving from WebAPI to ServiceStack”

Cross subdomain ASP.NET Forms Authentication for local developement

I’ve had this issue twice now, and both times when I did my search I would end up this popular Stack Overflow question but adding an answer to a popular question that doesn’t directly* answer the question will get the attention of down vote police. *For some values of direct. So I’ll just have toContinue reading “Cross subdomain ASP.NET Forms Authentication for local developement”

Tracking application errors with

A nice coincidence a few weeks was the news of Raygun going in to public beta crossing my radar. At the time we were fine tuning some things in an application that was in a private beta, we had put a little effort in to ensure that we would get reliable results about errors thatContinue reading “Tracking application errors with”

When you need to generate and send templated emails, consider mailzor

Mailzor is a basic utility library to help generate and send emails using the Razor view engine to populate email templates, designed to be quickly pluggable into your .NET app. In our applications we send out HTML formatted emails, and seed them with a variety of data. I thought it would be easy to writeContinue reading “When you need to generate and send templated emails, consider mailzor”

Playing with AppHarbor, Twitter and WebAPI.

What? This sample application is very contrived, and came out of a throw away twitter account creation joke. Landing Page: Usage Info: Service Features Submit a Guid, have it reserved Will inform you if it’s taken, or ok. Tweets Tech Details / Steps File, New, Web Api Project ASP.NET 4.5 Web Api ControllerContinue reading “Playing with AppHarbor, Twitter and WebAPI.”

Queuing ajax calls to ASP.NET WebApi Controllers

Objective To halt processing of subsequent ajax calls after one causes an error. Why Any actions related to a similar set of data (or concept) will all go through the same queue. This way if something falls over during processing of any given request, halting the processing of further requests should help not worsen things,Continue reading “Queuing ajax calls to ASP.NET WebApi Controllers”

How much to scratch your own itch as a Startup?

Let me first define the itch concept – the itch here on in will refer to how far to take of your own opinions and desires of how a piece of software should operate. So the question is from the title: Q: How much to scratch your own itch as a startup? Let me answerContinue reading “How much to scratch your own itch as a Startup?”

Web Directions South – What Do You Know? Night in Melbourne

Last night Thursday 23rd August 2012, I went along the What Do You Know? event held at The Appartment a great little place I used to frequent when I was working on Exhibition Street. Earlier this year I was at the Web Directions South Code event, so anything put on the Web Directions South teamContinue reading “Web Directions South – What Do You Know? Night in Melbourne”

Automating IIS actions with PowerShell – Create Multiple Sites

I’m working towards a more complex SignalR based post, but in the mean time part of the work on that involves setting up a few ASP.NET web apps. If you’re after a more comprehensive guide check out this post on by Thomas Deml. I’ve summarised the steps required to get some basic .NET 4Continue reading “Automating IIS actions with PowerShell – Create Multiple Sites”

Capturing client side JavaScript errors for later analysis

We’re getting close to pushing an application to a larger set of test users, and we’ll be interested in what happens when a larger variety of machine configurations (browsers and operating systems) and of course user actions encounter errors. We started with simply catching any server side errors, and log them to a single databaseContinue reading “Capturing client side JavaScript errors for later analysis”