Life should be a Picnic

Today I officially became part of a new Melbourne based software company called Picnic Software. We’re all about building high quality software here. Stay tuned for more exciting things I’ll now have a chance to talk about. Follow the expansion of Picnic on Twitter and on the Picnic blog. We’ll have some hopefully interesting thingsContinue reading “Life should be a Picnic”

Web Directions Code Melbourne 2012 – Day 2

After a great 1st day at #WDC12. The small end-of-day-one-party was hosted at LaDiDa, with some booked dinners around Melbourne with some of the locals (which sadly I wasn’t able to attend). None the less we got right into it with an interesting start to day two. Dmitry Baranovsky JavaScript: enter the dragon This wasContinue reading “Web Directions Code Melbourne 2012 – Day 2”

Web Directions Code Melbourne 2012 – Day 1

I spent today (23rd May 2012) at Web Directions Code first time attendee of the Web Directions conferences, and this is the first Web Directions Code (at least in Australia or Melbourne). It was a great day, a combination of great speakers, face chocolates (see below) and a single track taking out the stress ofContinue reading “Web Directions Code Melbourne 2012 – Day 1”

CoffeeScript, Jasmine tests with Cassette and Mindscape Web Workbench Visual Studio Extension

Wow that’s one hell of a title, I couldn’t make it any shorter, but that’s everything we’re dealing with in this post. Some Background We’ve got an ASP.NET MVC 4 web application and we’re using Cassette to bundle and minify the JavaScript and CSS files, the reason is that the new Beta 2 MVC 4Continue reading “CoffeeScript, Jasmine tests with Cassette and Mindscape Web Workbench Visual Studio Extension”

Error message 800704a6 as part of creating an instance of the COM component

This will be a very short post, and comes from rage against Windows Server and the Windows update system. Because there were outstanding Windows Updates requiring a reboot, a particular build script of ours was falling over without suitable information as to why exactly. The cryptic error was: Creating an instance of the COM componentContinue reading “Error message 800704a6 as part of creating an instance of the COM component”

Unit Testing JavaScript methods that contain jQuery ajax calls

Objective Unit test a JavaScript method which contains a $.ajax() call. Using QUnit. Details This was supposed to be a simple task, and if I didn’t have a few (now) obvious faults in my JavaScript code, it would have been completed more quickly. I have gone through several answering my own StackOverflow questions on theContinue reading “Unit Testing JavaScript methods that contain jQuery ajax calls”

Tweaking a VS2010 plugin to run JSLint in the command line

We’ve gone to some lengths at work to automate, and have a continuous delivery style pipeline for all things build and deployment related. It’s well on its way, but not ‘perfect’ yet. Maybe perfection isn’t attainable, or maybe when you have a red button on the desk that when pushed does *everything*. None-the-less aiming forContinue reading “Tweaking a VS2010 plugin to run JSLint in the command line”

Generic Personality Tests For Software Engineers

I rarely rant on my blog, but when a friend of mine brought up that he had to take a personality test as part of the interview process (a step prior to being given an offer), it just frustrated me so much. So at this point dear reader you may move along if this isn’tContinue reading “Generic Personality Tests For Software Engineers”

Perfect Password Paragraphs

Over the last few months at least in the streams of information I typically consume, direct issues: Security Now topic of Password Haystacks, xkcs’s comic, Coding Horror, and indirect: Scott Hanselman one and two. Have all commented on the issue around passwords and strength and the need for better passwords. In this post I amContinue reading “Perfect Password Paragraphs”

Getting to know your machine, by building it

Back in September of 2009 after a fair few months of thinking about what to put in to a new PC, the stars aligned and along with some friends of mine decided to take on a small project of building our own PCs. At that point I had never done the activity on my own,Continue reading “Getting to know your machine, by building it”