Web Directions South – What Do You Know? Night in Melbourne

Last night Thursday 23rd August 2012, I went along the What Do You Know? event held at The Appartment a great little place I used to frequent when I was working on Exhibition Street. Earlier this year I was at the Web Directions South Code event, so anything put on the Web Directions South teamContinue reading “Web Directions South – What Do You Know? Night in Melbourne”

Web Directions Code Melbourne 2012 – Day 2

After a great 1st day at #WDC12. The small end-of-day-one-party was hosted at LaDiDa, with some booked dinners around Melbourne with some of the locals (which sadly I wasn’t able to attend). None the less we got right into it with an interesting start to day two. Dmitry Baranovsky JavaScript: enter the dragon This wasContinue reading “Web Directions Code Melbourne 2012 – Day 2”

Web Directions Code Melbourne 2012 – Day 1

I spent today (23rd May 2012) at Web Directions Code first time attendee of the Web Directions conferences, and this is the first Web Directions Code (at least in Australia or Melbourne). It was a great day, a combination of great speakers, face chocolates (see below) and a single track taking out the stress ofContinue reading “Web Directions Code Melbourne 2012 – Day 1”

A trivial message loop using RabbitMQ in C#.NET

During the May 2011 meeting of the Melbourne ALT.NET group, 3 presenters each with their chosen functional language tackled a basic problem of transmitting a message along a chain, with the objective of all nodes contributing to a final output. Here’s some of their code in the the languages of; Erlang, Scala and F#. AsContinue reading “A trivial message loop using RabbitMQ in C#.NET”

REMIX Melbourne 2010 Day 2

Kicking off Day 2. See the Day 1 post here. Session 1 Web development with Visual Studio 2010 & ASP.NET 4 Alex Mackey My day 2 began with Alex running through a cavalcade of improvements in Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET 4. These have been covered in great detail all over the place, but itContinue reading “REMIX Melbourne 2010 Day 2”

REMIX Melbourne 2010 Day 1

Keynote Michael Kordahi, Foxtel (Patrick Delany), Shane Morris & Others The keynote began with a presentation from Foxtel about improving the “dumb box” that’s plugged into your TV. Foxtel through a partnership with XBOX Live (and Microsoft) is attempting improve the user experience in the home when it comes to pay-television. They are following theContinue reading “REMIX Melbourne 2010 Day 1”

REMIX 2010 – Melbourne – Share the Web Love

This week on Tuesday & Wednesday (1st & 2nd) of June. I’ll be attending REMIX 10. #auremix on Twitter. It’s being hosted at Crown. I haven’t finalised my session choices yet. I’ll update this post with what I attended. Along with some quick summaries of “Key Takeaways” as a Day 1 summary and a DayContinue reading “REMIX 2010 – Melbourne – Share the Web Love”