“Typing” animation effect in SketchFlow

*Update 3 [16-Oct-2010 – Step Improvements]: Thanks to some feedback from Ricky (in the comments section), I was made aware that my original steps to perform this effect are not detailed enough to follow, I too struggled to follow my own steps 1 year later with a new version of SketchFlow. I have created aContinue reading ““Typing” animation effect in SketchFlow”

Keep SketchFlow Animation States Simple

After a 2 hour headache dealing with attempting to create a complex configuration of SketchFlow states with multiple nested (‘Add Transition’) states for the simplest of toggling animation states. I discovered that complexity was not necessary for a toggling action. The desired output was basically the equivalent of a button with a standard and pressedContinue reading “Keep SketchFlow Animation States Simple”

A Simple and Quick Animated Dialog Action in SketchFlow

I wanted to create a confirmation dialog in SketchFlow as quickly as possible, with these main objectives: Reusable – therefore also only have to change it in one location. Quickly – aside from hiccups with z-order. Efficiently – point of contention, there may be a simpler way. So I came up with this approach. FollowingContinue reading “A Simple and Quick Animated Dialog Action in SketchFlow”