What is Pivot – from Microsoft Live Labs?

Pivot a research product currently available from GetPivot.com from Microsoft Live Labs. It uses technology from Seadragon – Deep Zoom technology also of MS Live Labs. A quote from the Pivot team: “We tried to step back and design an interaction model that accommodates the complexity and scale of information rather than the traditional structureContinue reading “What is Pivot – from Microsoft Live Labs?”

REMIX Melbourne 2010 Day 2

Kicking off Day 2. See the Day 1 post here. Session 1 Web development with Visual Studio 2010 & ASP.NET 4 Alex Mackey My day 2 began with Alex running through a cavalcade of improvements in Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET 4. These have been covered in great detail all over the place, but itContinue reading “REMIX Melbourne 2010 Day 2”

Working with the OData URI Conventions

Following on from my resource output format options post in my OData series. I thought I would briefly cover the topic of URI Conventions I had previously eluded to. URI Conventions for OData allow for a simple standard way to control the resource that is returned. The documentation for these conventions can be found hereContinue reading “Working with the OData URI Conventions”

OData, AtomPub and JSON

Continuing my mini-series of looking into OData I thought I would cover off the basic structure of AtomPub and JSON. They are both formats that OData can deliver the requested resources (a collection of entities; e.g. products or customers). For the most part there isn’t much difference in terms of data volume returned by AtomPubContinue reading “OData, AtomPub and JSON”


UPDATE 9-July-2010: This entry gets a lot of random hits, so I thought I would update the information as of July 2010, just to give links to newer areas relating to WCF. WCF – Windows Communication Foundation, has become in fact more of a foundation for a larger set of abstractions on top it. SimplyContinue reading “Why WCF”