Automating IIS actions with PowerShell – Create Multiple Sites

I’m working towards a more complex SignalR based post, but in the mean time part of the work on that involves setting up a few ASP.NET web apps. If you’re after a more comprehensive guide check out this post on by Thomas Deml. I’ve summarised the steps required to get some basic .NET 4Continue reading “Automating IIS actions with PowerShell – Create Multiple Sites”

PowerShell Recursive Rename for an SVN directory

On a large repository, I was attempting to rename the SVN tracking folders that are nested at every directory level, I needed to do this because of a difference in the leading character ‘.’ (period) vs ‘_’ (underscore). I know this could have easily been resolved with a new fetch but I wanted to avoidContinue reading “PowerShell Recursive Rename for an SVN directory”

A Look Back at Discovering PowerShell

This is part 1 of a 3 part series, in which I will be creating a PowerShell script that accepts as input a folder location via a standard windows popup dialog and then performs some repetitive action. I’ll get to the details in the next post where I actually build the script. In the 3rdContinue reading “A Look Back at Discovering PowerShell”