REMIX Melbourne 2010 Day 1

Keynote Michael Kordahi, Foxtel (Patrick Delany), Shane Morris & Others The keynote began with a presentation from Foxtel about improving the “dumb box” that’s plugged into your TV. Foxtel through a partnership with XBOX Live (and Microsoft) is attempting improve the user experience in the home when it comes to pay-television. They are following theContinue reading “REMIX Melbourne 2010 Day 1”

REMIX 2010 – Melbourne – Share the Web Love

This week on Tuesday & Wednesday (1st & 2nd) of June. I’ll be attending REMIX 10. #auremix on Twitter. It’s being hosted at Crown. I haven’t finalised my session choices yet. I’ll update this post with what I attended. Along with some quick summaries of “Key Takeaways” as a Day 1 summary and a DayContinue reading “REMIX 2010 – Melbourne – Share the Web Love”