Migrating a Legacy Web Forms Application to Web Forms MVP

Since I put “Legacy” in the post title to begin with, I would like to share some quotes from the often quoted Michael Feathers author of Working Effectively with Legacy Code. If you haven’t read it, you should – it comes highly recommended by many developers including Scott Hanselman on this Hanselminutes episode. But fullContinue reading “Migrating a Legacy Web Forms Application to Web Forms MVP”

PLINQ on the StackOverflow Data-Dump Series

I have an ongoing long standing side project of applying PLINQ performance tests on the Stack Overflow data-dump. Here’s just an up to date list of those blog posts: Playing with PLINQ Performance using the StackOverflow Data Dump Exceptions in (my) LINQ (presentation) Overclocking PLINQ SoSlow Data Import for StackOverflow Data-Dump Update: The source codeContinue reading “PLINQ on the StackOverflow Data-Dump Series”