Package-up a SketchFlow Project

A key objective of using SketchFlow in the prototyping phase is to gather feedback from key users. So once you have your prototype to a state where you would like users to start exploring it, you can package up the project. Then select a name and location: This exports a compiled Silverlight application file (aContinue reading “Package-up a SketchFlow Project”

“Typing” animation effect in SketchFlow

*Update 3 [16-Oct-2010 – Step Improvements]: Thanks to some feedback from Ricky (in the comments section), I was made aware that my original steps to perform this effect are not detailed enough to follow, I too struggled to follow my own steps 1 year later with a new version of SketchFlow. I have created aContinue reading ““Typing” animation effect in SketchFlow”

Keep SketchFlow Animation States Simple

After a 2 hour headache dealing with attempting to create a complex configuration of SketchFlow states with multiple nested (‘Add Transition’) states for the simplest of toggling animation states. I discovered that complexity was not necessary for a toggling action. The desired output was basically the equivalent of a button with a standard and pressedContinue reading “Keep SketchFlow Animation States Simple”

A Simple and Quick Animated Dialog Action in SketchFlow

I wanted to create a confirmation dialog in SketchFlow as quickly as possible, with these main objectives: Reusable – therefore also only have to change it in one location. Quickly – aside from hiccups with z-order. Efficiently – point of contention, there may be a simpler way. So I came up with this approach. FollowingContinue reading “A Simple and Quick Animated Dialog Action in SketchFlow”

Using SketchFlow First Impressions

I’m kicking off a new personal project, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to plan out it’s flow of operation using SketchFlow (get a 60 day trial of Expression Blend 3 here). I intend to develop the application in ASP.NET MVC, not Silverlight. So what I will be outputting from Blend willContinue reading “Using SketchFlow First Impressions”

Sketching an actual solution.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, project commitments have been drowning me. But the tide has now receded. Last night (Tue 30th of June) I attended the Melbourne Silverlight Designer and Developer Network (SDDN) event, always great fun and interesting and always has free pizza (if you get there early). With presentations from MaheshContinue reading “Sketching an actual solution.”