SoSlow Data Import for StackOverflow Data-Dump

Just as a quick update post on my on going series of posts on using PLINQ on Stack Overflow data-dump. In my initial post where the core of what I was doing was outlined, at the time the popular (and quickly found) option was to use a series of stored procedures made available by BrentContinue reading “SoSlow Data Import for StackOverflow Data-Dump”

Woo Hoo – 3D Video Effects in PowerPoint 2010

Full disclosure: This is way off topic for my blog and I just wanted an excuse to embed a Simpsons episode in a powerpoint presentation. Inspired by this post on the PowerPoint MSDN Blog and its associated YouTube video, demonstrating the ability of PowerPoint 2010 to use DirectX and hardware support for its rendering engine.Continue reading “Woo Hoo – 3D Video Effects in PowerPoint 2010”

“Typing” animation effect in SketchFlow

*Update 3 [16-Oct-2010 – Step Improvements]: Thanks to some feedback from Ricky (in the comments section), I was made aware that my original steps to perform this effect are not detailed enough to follow, I too struggled to follow my own steps 1 year later with a new version of SketchFlow. I have created aContinue reading ““Typing” animation effect in SketchFlow”

Using SketchFlow First Impressions

I’m kicking off a new personal project, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to plan out it’s flow of operation using SketchFlow (get a 60 day trial of Expression Blend 3 here). I intend to develop the application in ASP.NET MVC, not Silverlight. So what I will be outputting from Blend willContinue reading “Using SketchFlow First Impressions”

Visual Studio Team Test 2010 – Vic.NET Session

Last night I attended the August Victoria.NET user group meeting and it was a good session and it’s timing was great marker to wrap up my sudo-holiday and get me blogging again. The first topic was about Visual Studio Team Test 2010 presented by Anthony Borton which is a preview of his Aus Tech.Ed 2009Continue reading “Visual Studio Team Test 2010 – Vic.NET Session”


I have brought up ServiceModelEx several times already, and thought I’d dedicate a post that I can link back to other times when I mention ServiceModelEx. ServiceModelEx is a set of WCF extensions primarily written by Juval Lowy from This library of extensions is called ServiceModelEx it is available as a free download. TheContinue reading “ServiceModelEx”

Pex – Assisted White Box Testing

On a brief side note after attending Mitch Denny’s (from Readify) presentation tonight on “Tools for Improving Software Quality” he introduced us to a great little tool for Visual Studio 2008 and beyond. “Pex (Program EXploration) produces a traditional unit test suite with high code coverage“. It’s a tool that writes the unit test forContinue reading “Pex – Assisted White Box Testing”